Last year (early 2017) I got an interesting project. My client want me to make some animal illustrations for windows. This is kind of collaboration work with interior designer. In this case is designing five glass of windows for a restaurant in Bali. The owner love endemic animals from Indonesia especially exotic and endangered animals. After some discussion I decided to draw these six animals, but only five design that got accepted by client. All these painting painted with watercolors on paper. Since my client want the colors looks natural, I tuned down the color tone by choosing earth like colors. For post production I scan them all to high resolution pictures. So they can be printed on glass surface without sacrificing  the quality.

suri02 - Sun Bear by Jongkie
Sun Bear & Hornbill
suri01 - Anoa by Jongkie
Anoa & Bird of Paradise
suri03 - Okapi by Jongkie
Okapi & Bird of Paradise
suri04 - Deer by Jongkie
Deer & Bird of Paradise
suri05 - Red Fox by Jongkie
Red Fox & Bird of Paradise
suri06 - Stag by Jongkie
Stag & Butterfly (Rejected)
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